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Character Development


Class Overview:

At P.S. 290, we recognize the importance of developing the whole scholar; therefore, we have a three part Character Development program: 1) Developmental Standards-Based Curriculum; 2) Civic Service; and 3) "Go Green" Initiative.


1)Developmental Standards-Based Curriculum:  Scholars meet in small groups, where they develop moral character and civic responsibility.  Our program engages scholars in scenarios, read alouds, and problem solving activities.


2) Civic Service: Scholars perform whole class community service projects every three months.  PS 290 also partners with community based organizations that allow our scholars to regularly participate in service activities.


3) Go Green Initiative

•   Plan Field Trips to parks and other eco friendly related areas to encourage taking care of our environment.

•   Curriculum alignment with go green lessons.

•   Recycling bins in classrooms: all with clear bag, paper unlined with bag

•   Using paper thoughtfully

•   Conserve lighting

•   Every room has a "green section"

•   Materials and supplies made from recycled goods

•   Double sided printing & reuse of corrugated boxes when possible

•   Plant garden and maintain gardens- scholars take care of plants and check rainwater gauge

•   Include eco-centers in classroom

•   Guest speakers visit school to educate scholars

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