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If you would like to support our scholars on their "Path to Excellence", please go to FundForPublicSchool.  Be sure to first choose our borough (Queens) and then A.C.E Academy for Scholars.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will further enhance our scholars' academic experience and achievement.  Thank you!


Special Thanks to: 

Our partners support our work, making generous donations of time and treasure.  The following are individuals and/or organizations that have made special contributions to P.S. 290 Elementary School:




Sherrill L. Blalock and Jonathan L. Smith


JetBlue Airways


Materials for the Arts


NY Cares







At P.S. 290 we welcome contributions in various forms.  In addition to the monetary contributions, as mentioned in our "Donate" section, your gift of time is also appreciated.  We welcome extra hands and expert minds, as our scholars are constantly engaging in exciting projects and activities.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Parent Coordinator at Telephone # 718.571.6900 ext, 2163 or by email at

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