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Helping Children & Families Cope with Covid-19 Pandemic

This guidebook was created to help children better understand the pandemic through a series of activities. The guidebook covers 16 topics which are divided into five sections. Some of the topics included are understanding how your child feels, focus on positive ways to cope, coping with fears and worries, and additional resources.

COVID-19 Resources for Students and Families


This DOE info sheet includes helpful articles, resources, and activities for supporting student and adult wellness. COVID-19-specific articles and social-emotional resources for families are posted on the DOE Crisis page, as well as these crisis support resources posted on the InfoHub


Additional resources can be found at Child Mind Institute, visit:

Calm Down Cards

Here is a wonderful resource for mindful breaks! If you need a brain break and want a moment to reset, you can use these calm down cards to give the senses the love and attention they need. Feel free to print them out to be used individually or to select to do with your family! 


CRAYOLA - Adult Coloring Pages | Free Coloring Pages |

This Child Mind Institute article focuses on helping children cope with grief. Caregivers will find "tips broken into a range of ages and experiences, and information about what to say, who should say it, what to look out for and how to help."


The following hotline numbers can be used during times of crisis.

Helpful Websites for Parents

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