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Global Connections - Social Studies


Class Overview:

P.S. 290 delivers instruction that supports our scholars’ college readiness and global competitiveness.  As a result, through a cross-disciplinary approach, we teach social studies to extend to the global sphere and prepare our scholars for celebrating and studying our diverse cultural backgrounds.


Global Connections is a project-based course, where scholars inquire and explore in order to gain a deeper understanding of the world. Units of study begin with an opening activity, like a field trip, in order to peak scholars' interest.  Teachers and scholars then develop learning centers and activities based on predetermined topics and class brainstorms. In the end, scholars create personalized projects that reflect their understanding and knowledge of the unit.


Parent Participation:

Class observation and participation by parents are welcomed. Parent volunteer help is encouraged in a variety of ways, such as chaperoning class field trips and presenting professional knowledge in the field.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


Global Connections Class:

Each class spends 90-135 minutes each week engaging in discovery centers related to the Global Connections inquiry project.  In addition to discovery centers, Global Connections also gives scholars and teachers the flexibility to spend time working at developmental centers. Throughout the year, Global Connections balances critical thinking activities with fundamental skills for learning.



As a project-based class, Global Connections uses teacher and scholar created rubrics to assess understanding. Teachers also periodically assess scholars' developmental skills using formal, informal, qualitative, and quantitative assessments. demonstrate understanding.

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