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Class Overview:

At P.S. 290 we use a comprehensive Balanced Literacy program, which focuses on our scholars' phonemic awareness, fluency, writing, and comprehension. We realize literacy is embedded in all of the other subjects and the world around us. As a result, scholar mastery of the English language is of the utmost importance. Our literacy program equips scholars with the tools they need to be literate, orators and to develop higher order thinking skills.


Every lesson includes phonemic awareness, phonics, high-frequency word study, vocabulary development, comprehension, fluency, grammar, and writing. In addition, the projects and activities we explore each day enable our scholars to develop their research, media, listening, and speaking skills. All of the aforementioned topics, skills, and strategies enable scholars to develop into excellent readers and writers!


In addition to our Balanced Literacy program, we use a program three times a week called Wilson's FUNdations, which is a sequential program with an emphasis on word structures, phonics, and spelling. Balanced Literacy and Wilsons FUNdations compliment each other and work together to ensure we meet the needs of all learners by using a personalized approach.


Parent Participation:

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's learning in school and at home. There are many ways you can be involved such as participating in Read Alouds in your child's class and attending our regular curriculum nights to familiarize yourself with the upcoming content and instructional strategies.



Teachers and scholars will assess scholar mastery of skills learned through various means, including formal and informal assessment and the use of qualitative and quantitative data.


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