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Be Accountable: Accountability


Be A Courageous Learner: Courage


Always Do Your Best: Excellence


P.S. 290 distinguishes itself by its commitment to developing the character of each scholar.  Starting at the Kindergarten level, scholars meet in small groups that offer a personalized focus on social development and civic service.  By living our core values of accountability, courage, and excellence, P.S. 290 exemplifies a harmonious community that strives for excellence academically and socially.

P.S. 290 scholars will graduate with increased readiness for college.  Our curriculum, character development, and civil service programs provide scholars with the tools and courage to significantly impact and positively transform their world.

Our personalized instruction nurtures multiple intelligences and we meet the needs of every child through small group instruction and individualized learning plans using a data driven approach.  We have a unified purpose and believe that every child can succeed. As a result, we collaborate to cultivate critical thinking through effective planning, questioning, and a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.  At P.S. 290 we are all accountable and responsible for every child’s academic, social and emotional development, and all scholars develop the courage to achieve academic excellence.

P.S. 290 nurtures and develops each scholars' achievement through a collaborative approach.  Our teachers meet regularly during common planning preparation periods, using classroom data to drive personalized instruction.

Our partners support our work, making generous donations of time and treasure.  Finally, our parent involvement is of paramount importance and helps to ensure our scholars’ success.



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